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Zonehaven EVAC, our Evacuation Management Platform (EMP), provides first responders and public safety workers with a comprehensive set of tools to navigate the evacuation process.



Increase operational efficiency.

Pre-planning reduces agencies’ “reflex” time during an incident and ensures that teams are always ready for action.

Smart Evacuation Zones

Zone-based evacuations allow you to prioritize the most vulnerable areas while allowing you to understand other dependence and act accordingly.

Hyperlocal Knowledge

Assign Traffic Control Points, Arrival points and other critical evacuation information that could be used during an incident to show you the full picture.

Pre-plan Documents

Zonehaven EVAC allows users to create and maintain zone-based evacuation pre-plans that help you align local agencies before incidents start.


Collaboration is key.

Train cross-agency teams to ensure all key players know what to do in the case of an evacuation.

Scenario Planning

View or run fire and flood models to understand local behavior by incorporating weather conditions, geographic data, and other regional knowledge.

Cross-agency Collaboration

A common operating picture makes collaboration seamless and natural so that agencies can easily plan and execute evacuations together.

Intelligent Mutual Aid

Quickly ramp-up regional help with our framework for intelligent mutual aid.


Simple, reliable communication.

Easily communicate critical evacuation information to the public through the Zonehaven AWARE community app.

Multi-channel Notifications

Send alerts and notifications to communities with one click.

Live Alerts

Update zone statuses to alert the public and send notifications to predefined distribution lists and social media accounts to communicate updates.

Community Awareness

Lead public campaigns and share important resources with the public to spread awareness and keep your community informed.

Zonehaven EVAC

Less work. More safety.

Zonehaven EVAC

Zonehaven is here to support you at every point of the evacuation process.

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